Longhorn Cavern State Park
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Longhorn Cavern offers guided tours every day of the week. Tours last about an hour and twenty five minutes. On site guides lead you through the cavern narrating historical and geologic facts.

As one of Texas' river-formed caverns, Longhorn Cavern is full of wonderful and exciting discoveries. You will experience natural wonders such as Crystal City, an area of the cavern that is adorned with calcite crystals that were formed by standing pools of calcium-saturated water.

There are many natural formations in this underground wonder. A child's favorite is the Queen's Watch Dog. This rock is quite a mystery. Some have said it was carved out by people many years ago. Geologists from Texas A&M were brought in to examine it for tool marks to prove whether or not humans had done this. They have never been able to find tool marks on it. The most likely explanation is that it was carved by high-flow rushing water.

There is also an area called the Indian Council Room. Our earliest records indicate that the Comanche Indians were the first to use the cavern. There is much more history and many more natural wonders to discover at Longhorn Cavern State Park. You are invited to visit the Exhibit Center, Gift Shop and our Grill for lunch.  Private Parties can be held above ground or below ground