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Longhorn Cavern has been a state park since 1932 and has been providing residents and visitors of the Texas Hill Country an incredible underground and above ground experience.  Even though Longhorn Cavern is a State Park, a private concessionaire has always operated it.   Longhorn Cave Tours, Inc. is the current operator of the park.  A visit to the park these days will offer many options for a wonderful time.


The following address our most commonly asked questions:


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The following answers address our most commonly asked questions:



Is the cave safe?
Absolutely.  A guided tour of the cave is quite safe and you are required to stay with the tour guide. Unmarked parts of the cave are not lit and may contain uneven terrain.

Is the cave safe for kids?
Yes, the cave is safe for young children. Being a commercial or show cave Longhorn Cavern undergoes regular inspections to ensure the safety of all it's visitors. Children should be supervised by a responsible parent or adult at all times making sure children stay on the designated walkways at all times.


How long does the tour take?
The tour takes about one hour and twenty minutes to complete. It is a walking tour covering 1 1/4 mile round-trip. Abbreviated tours (45 minutes in length) are available upon request.

Is it cold inside the cave?
No. Longhorn Cavern stays about 68 degrees year round.  You are constantly walking, so generally most people are comfortable in their seasonal clothing and a light jacket is optional.  We also strongly recommend comfortable, non-slip walking shoes. Our Gift Shop has a large selection of warm, comfortable, and affordable sweat shirts and jackets for purchase.

Where are you located?
Longhorn Cavern State Park is located on Park Road 4 in Burnet, Texas. You can access Park Road 4 by two different routes. You can take HWY 281 between Burnet & Marble Falls, Texas and exit to Park Road 4 or you can take HWY 29 between Llano and Burnet & exit Park Road 4.

You do NOT have to pay the park entry fee as Longhorn Cavern is a day use facility and does not charge a park entry fee.  Fees for tours vary depending upon the tour type and age requirements.


Can we take a stroller on the tour?
Yes, but be advised that there are 52 stairs to get down into and out of the cave.  Once inside the cave it is fairly level terrain and stroller friendly.


Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes, above ground. There are 52 stairs to get down into and out of the cave.  Once inside the cave it is fairly level terrain.


Do I need to make a reservation to go on a tour?
No reservations are needed for individuals and families to go on a regular tour.  Just show up 20-30 minutes prior to tour departure time (see our daily tour page), purchase a ticket and take the tour. If you have 20 or more people, then you should consider making a reservation as a group in order to take advantage of our group rates.  In
order to secure a booking, please contact our call center to reserve your date/space/time for a public and/or a private tour. A deposit of 1/3rd of the booking must be made in order to secure your date and time as well as a completed contract.  The remainder is due 1-10 days before your tour date.


When should we make a reservation?
If you are going take a regular tour and have 19 or less people, then no reservation is necessary, just show up at least 20-30 minutes before the schedule tour time. If you interested in a special tour, event or have a group of 20 or more people, it is wise to book at least 2-4 weeks in advance. It is unusual that you can get on a special tour within a day or two, but it is sometimes possible.  Just give us a call.


Where do I make a reservation if I need to?
Most bookings are handled by phone.  Information can be picked up, or contracts dropped off at Longhorn Cavern State Park 6211 Park Road 4 S., Burnet, TX 78611.  It is best to call first to find out availability and organize your details.  Our phone number is 512-756-4680.4


What is the difference between a public and private booking?
When booking the cave or park privately, the group or individual pays a flat rate for the area booked and it is up to them how many guests that they bring.  If you have a group of 30 or more, it is often the best way to go. When its a private booking, you choose the time of departure and any program you may want to incorporate into your event. A public booking runs according to a set schedule and availability. Prices listed for public tours are all inclusive prices.  Remaining spots on public tours will be filled with other customers.


What kind of private events can you have at Longhorn Cavern?
There have been many types of private events held at Longhorn Cavern. Longhorn Cavern is a very unique setting and the possibilities are limited only to your imagination. The most common private events are weddings and wedding receptions.  We have also held movie screenings in the cave and above ground in our park area as well as birthday parties, anniversary parties, educational tours, exploration tours and our awesome unplugged Simple Sounds concerts in the cave.  Each private event is as unique as the person booking it.  Call us today to explore the possibilities of your own private event at Longhorn Cavern.


What is your cancellation policy?
Special events, special tours and contracts that have been charged in advance have special cancellation policies and are found on your individual contract.  If no contract is in place then the policy is this - You may cancel your reservation less $5 fee per ticket if cancellation is made on or before 12:00 NOON THE DAY BEFORE YOUR TOUR.

No refunds for any changes or cancellations after 12:00 noon the day before your tour.

Private events may cancel 30 days prior to their scheduled tour, 50% of the deposit will be accessed.


What is your weather policy?
We typically can take tours of the cave rain or shine.  It can be a wonderful experience to be visiting Longhorn Cavern regardless of the weather and as anyone from Texas knows, there is no way to accurately predict if the weather will change.  We do reserve the right to cancel if storm advisories are issued by the national weather service.  Since we live in Texas, we can experience quick weather changes.  If we determine conditions will be safe, we will still conduct tours and fees will be assessed if the customer cancels.  No fees will be assessed when WE cancel a tour.  We do NOT pay transportation costs to/from our location.  Feel free to check out this weather link for up to date weather reports! www.weather.com

If you have concerns about the weather please call us at any of the following numbers: 512-756-4680 or 512-715-0255.  If heavy rain may be an issue, we generally know that morning or sometimes the day before.  When you make your booking, please provide contact information where you can be reached within 48 hours of your booking so we are able to notify you if we do a weather watch.


Can I take a rock from inside the cave?
Never touch or damage stalactites or other cave formations. These take thousands of years to grow. Even a light touch of a finger is enough to mar one!  Our general rule is this - Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints; kill nothing but time.


Can we take pictures in the cave?
Yes, still photography is allowed.  We do not allow video cameras for safety reasons.


Is there any place to eat?
Yes, the grill at Longhorn Cavern offers an extensive menu with daily summer specials, in-house catering, a snack bar and is open daily during cave hours.


What is your policy about food in the park?
We allow you to bring your own picnic to enjoy and the park does offer outdoor picnic tables.  Longhorn Cavern also has a full service grill with indoor/outdoor dining.  Please make sure you deposit all trash in trash receptacles when done.


If we bring our own food, do we need to provide plates, cutlery and condiments?
Yes.  If you bring your own picnic, you're on your own.  Our staff will be happy to provide you with whatever assistance they can, but the food and accompanying materials are up to you and may be enjoyed at one of our outdoor picnic areas.  Please discard all trash and clean your picnic area when finished.


Are gratuities included in the price?
No.  There are no gratuities added to your public ticket prices.  Our tour guides and grill staff work hard to make your experience a great one and gratuities are gratefully accepted.


What is your smoking policy?
We allow smoking outdoors.  Please extinguish all smoking materials prior to descending the stairs to the entrance of the cave.  Place all fully extinguished materials in the proper receptacles.


What is limestone?
It is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate). The deposition of limestone strata is often a by-product and indicator of biological activity in the geologic record.  Surface water easily drains downward, usually slowly (over thousands or millions of years), through cracks in the limestone. This enlarges these cracks; dissolving the calcium-carbonate and carrying it away in solution. This is predominately how Longhorn Cavern was formed.


Are there bats in Longhorn Cavern?
There are only about a dozen Eastern Pipistrelle bats in Longhorn Cavern. They do not hang out together, they are loners.  We typically only get to see one every now and then during the winter months when they are hibernating. For more information on the bats that live inside Longhorn Cavern, visit our Gift Shop and request a book named Hey! I've Got Feelings Too!


Does the WNS (White Nose Syndrome) cave advisory apply to tourist caves that I visit with my family?
This cave advisory does not apply to commercial caves (e.g., Longhorn Cavern, Natural Bridge Caverns, Mammoth Cave and others). However, we are discussing this issue with cave owners and managers to identify how to minimize the potential for moving the agent that causes WNS.

Is there more of Longhorn Cavern to see that isn't included on the regular tour?
Yes, there is more to Longhorn Cavern.  We have a basement system that if you are adventurous you may want to check out.  This special tour is called the Wild Cave Tour and is offered by reservation only.  More information about this tour and other specialty tours may be found on our tours page.


Are there bathrooms inside the cave?
There are no bathrooms inside the cave. It is recommended that restrooms be used prior to cavern tour.


I'm claustrophobic, are there any tight spaces in the cave?
There is a 75 yard section of the tour where the ceiling height is 4 feet and the walls are 7 feet wide on the tour. In this area, our tours (up to 40 people) generally can walk stooped over (unless you are shorter than 4 feet tall), 2 people side by side. If a problem arises the tour guide will assist in getting you escorted from the cavern tour.


My child is afraid of the dark. Are there any places on tour where there is total darkness?
On occasion the tour guide may show visitors what it is like in total darkness.  If you or your child has a fear of total darkness, please advise your tour guide at the beginning of your tour and ask them not to do total darkness.


What kind of camping is available at Longhorn Cavern State Park?
Longhorn Cavern State Park is a day use facility and does not offer overnight accommodations.


Are dogs allowed?
Yes, dogs are allowed to visit the outside areas of the park if kept on a leash. Pets are not allowed inside the cavern or buildings.  Pets must be supervised at all times and never left unattended.




Longhorn Cavern State Park — Forms

All Wild Cave Tour participants are required to fill out a Release of Liability form before they can take the tour.  Please download the required form(s) below, fill out and return to Longhorn Caverns prior to your tour.




Minor Wild Cave Tour is for participants 11-15 years old.  This form requires the signature of a consenting adult.

Adult Wild Cave Tour is for participants 16 years and older.


Longhorn Cavern State Park

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